Shaylee Homeware Party Bags for Gift (Pack of 24)

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  1. Get 24 vibrant paper party bags in assorted colors, 4 per shade, meeting your varied needs for colorful occasions.

  2. The 16x8x22cm size of these party bags is perfect for small toys, candies, and gifts, with easy-to-fold handles for convenient carrying.

  3. Sturdy handles and quality paper make our party bags ideal for DIY projects, ensuring durability and resisting tears, peels, or cracks over time.

  4. Eco-friendly party gift bags are crafted from recycled materials, reducing landfill waste by 70%, and featuring thick, durable paper for hassle-free use.

  5. Supply Arena's paper bags with handles offer a versatile storage solution, lightweight and compact, adding a colorful touch to your celebrations.

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