Shaylee Homeware Two-Year Limited Warranty

For Shaylee Homeware Branded Product Only from the Documented Date of Purchase

Important: Using Shaylee Homeware Product Means You Agree to Be Bound by the Terms of the Shaylee Homeware Two-Year Limited Warranty as Set out Below. Better to Read the Terms of the Warranty Before Using Products. Warranty Is Not Transferable.

What Is Covered by This Warranty?
This Warranty applies to non-human damage:
● zipper broken、rupture、stuck
● handles、stitching part、fabric tearing
● mold, bugs, stain during delivery

What Is Not Covered by This Warranty?
This Warranty does not apply to improper operation or violation of instructions during use:
● original fabric smell
● negligible chromatic aberration problem
● mold, bugs, stain after using some time

How to Obtain Warranty Service?
If the Shaylee Homeware Product is not functioning properly, or any any question, please contact us at support@ShayleeHomeware.com.

Shaylee Homeware reserves all the right for the final explanation of the warranty service.

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